Private Customers

Unfortunately, most hailstorms don’t come with much warning. This doesn’t leave much opportunity for owners to move their vehicles to a safe place. If your vehicle is victim to a hailstorm, this can cause significant damage, leading to expensive repairs and depreciation.

For us to be of assistance as quickly as possible, it is necessary to inform the insurer and assessor. We get to work as soon as the vehicle has been inspected by the assessor. Contact us and our friendly and competent service technicians will arrange an appointment with you. Either with you on site or, in the event of a severe hailstorm, at mobile hail centres which we will set up for you. We will take care of restoring the vehicle to its original condition in line with manufacturer specifications so as to prevent any depreciation.

In general, you will get your vehicle back again within 24 hours. But don’t worry! We will also be pleased to provide you with a courtesy car free of charge so that you stay mobile. We will also be pleased to take care of handling every aspect of the insurance claim for you.

Would you like to have further information or place an order? We look forward to hearing from you.